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We are a well coordinated team aka network from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, who are passionate about what they do and truly  identify with their work and each individual result. We are always environmentally aware and obtain new inspirations from small details.

björn maser

Management & Design (minimalist, process optimizer, connoisseur)

»The use of white space and its possibilities fascinate me again and again.«

Björn Maser studied at the »FKS – Academy for Art and Design« in Stuttgart, Germany from 1996 to 2000. During his studies he held an exhibition and various commercial projects from various advertising agencies such as Leonhardt & Kern and GPP and many others. After his studies he was offered a permanent position as art director of the db-deutsche bauzeitung (german architectural magazine). In 2004 he made the decision to go to Beijing and there he designed books and magazines as art director in the office »beyond architecture Culture Development Co. Ltd.«, with whom he still works today. After almost two years he returned to Germany and since then he has formed his own company in the areas of corporate design, editorial design and increasingly in user interface design for well-known suppliers such as Festo, Harman International and United Navigation. Languages: German, Chinese, English.

he wei

Management & Organisation China

Associate professor of School of Architecture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Director of the Laboratory of School of Architecture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts.
Ph.D, Art and Design, China Central Academy of Fine Arts Dipl.-Ing. Architektur, University Stuttgart.
Bachelor of Architecture, Tsinghua University.
Vice Chairman, Rural Architecture Committee, The Architectural Society of China.
Member, Regional Architecture Committee, The Architectural Society of China.
Vice Director, Environmental Art Illuminating Committee, Beijing Illuminating Engineering Society Editor in Chief, German »Professional Lighting Design« Magazine, Chinese edition.
Editorial Committee, »Community« Magazine.
Language: chinese, english, german.

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Architecture Journalism

Wilfried Dechau


Florian Höch

Web . DTP . Imaging . PrePress . IT

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