Harman Becker »Traffic Star« for »BMW Mini«


For the possible redesign of the »Becker Traffic Star« Mini for the Japanese market, »Harman International« approached us in early 2014. The aim was to see if and how the system could be established for the Japanese market by means of various basic screens.

Services: pixel accurate vector based design, definition of new design guidelines in a style guide, global color and size adjustment of the icon library

Bringing two worlds together

Due to the special conditions of the rounded display, which is integrated in the speedometer, the previous »Traffic Star« system could only be adapted with difficulty. It was considered how and with what effort the system could be adapted in terms of design. They also wanted to respond more individually to the design and colour world of »Mini« and still not lose the previous »look and feel« of »Traffic Star«. Different possibilities were played through and coordinated.

Problem areas were defined and a wide range of proposed solutions were played through. The special text input in Japan was also addressed and optimized for the typical BMW rotary pushbutton, but it can be used globally as a touch variant if required. A further challenge was the rectangular pixel aspect ratio, which is now no longer noticeable due to various adjustments.

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