»Daiquiri« and »Shaker« desktop user interface for a script editor with ontological database from »smaagile«


Since 2018 we are in the process of developing “daiquiri”, the script editor program of smaagile, in terms of design and constantly adapting it to new requirements. A very dynamic and exciting process, which has currently grown to a presentable state. Furthermore there were some corporate design additions like logo, website and information material.

Services: pixel accurate vector based user interface design, definition of design guidelines, design of various graphics and program icons, logo development, presentations, roll up’s, website etc.

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The basic idea of the programs is based on a common semantics, which is used to generate requirements or test cases. The idea is to have an intelligent repository/glossary, which is constantly supported not only by simple definitions, but also by synonyms, value ranges, translations in function calls and much more, as well as relationships between the different entities.

The »shaker« tool offers an ontology-driven database. The tool »daiquiri« supports the use of the ontology for a concrete work artifact (requirements, test cases, FMEAs, architectures, …). These requirements had to be visually clear and quickly understandable in a very compact framework. This was the common basis for the entire company presentation from the website to the exhibition stand.


Ontology driven database



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