Automotive User Interface »Porsche PCM 3.1«


To support the PCM 3.1 project, »minimalist« was commissioned by »Harman International« to take care of the OFA’s (directional arrows) and the background sky of the »Porsche« navigation. Also the »chinese speller« (Chinese text input) was implemented according to our designs.

Services: pixel accurate vector-based design based on the corporate design, intercultural consulting, photography.

Optimal text input for China

»As clear and comprehensible as possible« was our claim to the Chinese input method. If you first enter the text in the Chinese transcription »PinYin«, you can use the “Convert” button to display the characters that are derived from the »PinYin«

database can be retrieved. Since many words in Chinese are pronounced similarly and can usually only be distinguished by context (except for the written character, in which case the meaning is unique), the table

corresponding characters are shown. By selecting and confirming with the rotary-push button (or the touch screen) the character(s) is/are accepted. When entering Latin text, you can switch between the languages in the lower left area.

A pixel-exact representation in every resolution

In contrast to its predecessor, a different display resolution (800×480) was chosen for the Porsche »PCM 3.1«, which made it impossible to simply adopt the previous orientation arrows. These had to be newly adapted to the resolution. In order to keep the effort low, also in the future at higher and higher resolutions, all arrows were built vector-based. This will also allow flexible handling of different displays in the future.

Endless day and night sky

Behind the map of any 3D navigation system there is a sky that is visible by day and night. These two skies for Porsche were created from different cloud formations that passed our office here.

Since the skies had to be infinitely wide, the cloud pictures were positioned so that the backgrounds could be placed next to each other without any visible transition. In the following pictures the transition is exactly in the middle.

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