»IBA« Heidelberg LOG Book No1


In this first LOGbook (2017), which the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Heidelberg published in the fourth year of its existence, the ambitious theme “Knowledge Creates City” is sounded out and its relevance for Heidelberg as a programme is defined.

Services: Basic design guidelines based on the corporate design, layout title, layout book, graphics, partly pictures.

LOGbook No 1 (of 3) of the IBA Heidelberg
The first volume explains the basics of the discourse on urban development in the context of the knowledge society and analyses the concrete situation in Heidelberg. The special appeal of »LOGbuch No1« lies in the interaction of scientific contributions, interdisciplinary discussion groups and short stories by publicists who place questions of the “knowledge city of tomorrow” in an everyday context. The volume is supplemented with photographs by Heidelberg photographer Oliver Mezger and an extensive glossary.

With Ursula Baus from frei04 (aka marlowes) we have refined the book piece by piece and designed it with great care. A flexible grid and the well thought-out use of column widths leads through topics such as “short stories”, “trialogues” and complex “scientific texts”. Not only has great importance been attached to content and design, the book is also distinguished by the excellent finish with Munken Lynx Rough paper, excellent printing and soft-touch lamination on the cover. The format 19x25cm with a thin cover and rounded corners is handy and reflects the logbook theme.

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