»Second Glance« Half a century of Hugo-Häring country awards 1969-2019


The architectural projects shown in this book form a cross-section of the period from 1969 to 2009 and are intended to contribute to showing the consistency and lasting impact of good architecture, especially its topicality with regard to the diversity of its approaches. Wilfried Dechau has visited all the projects again and documented them photographically.

Services: Basic design guidelines, layout title and content, posters and invitations, as well as the exhibition concept

50 years Hugo Häring Prize
2019 will be the fiftieth anniversary of the Hugo-Häring State Prize of the Association of German Architects BDA, Baden-Württemberg State Association. The projects shown in this book are a cross-section of the period from 1969 to 2009, and Wilfried Dechau has travelled through all of them again and documented them photographically. 15 selected authors, renowned in the field of architecture, have written the tributes from today’s perspective. The book was bound in gold embossed linen to meet the high standards. Gold was also used as a special colour for the interior.

Exhibition at Wechselraum Stuttgart

For this occasion, a travelling exhibition was planned in addition to the book and we designed it together with Wilfried Dechau. On November 15, 2019 the vernissage took place in the Wechselraum in Stuttgart, which was also reported in the Stuttgarter Zeitung. (Pictures: Wilfried Dechau)

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