»Future Living« – a book about community living in Japan


The projects on display range from individual apartments with a common entrance area to structural or visual links and a shared flat with predominantly collectively used areas.

Services: Basic design guidelines, pictograms, layout title, layout book (german/english).

In the project part, different forms of living are presented on the basis of 25 buildings with texts and appealing graphics. »In the introductory essay, Japanologist Evelyn Schulz explains the cultural characteristics of communal living, such as the traditional ‘Roji’ as small-scale neighbourhood units in the cities, which, often torn down at the beginning of modernity, serve as a model again for today’s forms of living«.

Just as the spaces in between give new impulses to Japanese residential architecture, the design also relies on open spaces that relate texts, pictures and drawings to one another. Five different pictograms on the introductory pages of the project contributions assign the buildings shown to a specific type of residential building. The cover of the book is protected by printed transparent paper. The great collaboration with Claudia Hilder for Birkhäuser Verlag was the reason for the convincing result

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