»Festo« icon library – around 300 software icons


The configuration tools must be clearly structured for various applications provided by “Festo”. To this end, the functions must be explained briefly and concisely in text, but also made visually comprehensible. For this purpose, we created an extensive icon library in 2013.

Services: Object icons, function icons, program icons, waiting animation, pixel accurate vector based implementation, creation of a style guide.

Set visual anchors.

Besides numerous well-known icons, many new icons were created to make the individual requirements of the respective functions visually easier to understand. In order to keep the number of icons manageable, the standard icons (printer, document, etc.) were extended by function icons. For example, a database that combines icons can be used to create the object icon »Document«.

can be added with the function icon »Add«, »Delete« or »New«. With this combination option, the current 300 or so icons can be multiplied in their function. But quantity is not the only thing that counts: Each individual icon has been discussed in great detail and, thanks to a productive development phase, optimized again and again.

Here is a small selection of the created icons. The icons were optimized for 16 x 16px and 32 x 32px. In addition, a detailed design style guide was created to ensure optimal integration and long-term consistent implementation.
In the last row you can see the combination of object icons and function icons.

We have designed program icons for Festo’s extensive range of software. Here you can see a selection from a total of 27 program icons.

Besides the icons, a vector-based waiting animation was created for calculation processes. The »SmartInversion« link chain developed by Festo served as a template.

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