New E-Mobility UI concepts for instrument cluster and head unit


For an automobile manufacturer that is heavily involved in electromobility, various concepts were created with Luxoft at the end of 2018. A few that I have created since then can now be shown.

Services: Design concept and construction of different variants, pixel accurate vector based implementation, icons, typography (incl. Chinese).

Visualizing the game with the accelerator pedal

Electromobility is becoming an increasingly important topic, not only because of future fines for car companies, but also because the efficiency and energy balance of electric vehicles for individual transport is the highest, far ahead of petrol/gas and hydrogen. If the electricity also comes from renewable sources (solar, wind and water power), then the CO2 balance is also right.

In order to visualize this energy to the driver in a way that optimizes the range as much as possible, it is necessary to know how much energy is being consumed or recovered at any given time. For this purpose, we have designed a variety of instrument cluster concepts. Conservative and innovative display options were shown, a small selection can now be presented here.

Depending on whether the throttle is applied (top left picture), or recuperated (right picture), the color of the curved frame around the speed indicator changes and the scale fills up line by line to the front or to the back. In addition, kilometers gained or lost are displayed to motivate you to coast or recuperate more if possible. On the left side the charge level is also visualized with lines.

On the top right you can see the Head Unit with the Media Screen, which takes up the linear concept optically in the same angle. With the turn-push button or the steering wheel media control you can scroll through the lists and control functions.

For a balanced and well readable typeface in Latin and Chinese characters, different font types had to be tested, compared, adjusted and selected according to the requirements in the speedometer or the displayed information.

As an alternative to the concepts shown above, other display options have also been developed that correspond to previous viewing habits …

… yet also leave room for experimentation to explore limits.

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