First take a deep breath – the “Apnea Trainer” shows how to do it right.


Together with the iOS developer Jan Luther we have modernized the user interface of the already well-known and appreciated iOS app “Apnea Trainer”.

Services: Development of design guidelines, pixel accurate vector based implementation, icons.

Clear and attractive design

A new colour scheme and new graphic elements stand for contemporary training without CO2/O2 tables. The breathing training used in yoga is very helpful for free diving and is very nice to look at with this application. To be able to hold your breath longer, you should exhale, inhale and stop breathing for given times via the abdomen. This not only increases the apnea time, but also benefits the general well-being.

Start screen: As soon as the app starts, the boot screen is shown, which has also been adapted to the new color world. The natural environment is in the foreground.

Training: The training screen now shows a new upper body, which only shows the state of action via colour change. The “Tab-Bar” at the bottom of the screen shows all functions in a consistent appearance.

Time recording: The stopwatch has been completely redesigned and given a contemporary look. The new colour scheme is generally friendlier, airier and, in keeping with the theme, formally more organic. The outer ring fills up every minute, the total apnea time is displayed in the middle

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