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In 1997 I started with photography in the 3rd semester of my studies. First analog with a Nikon FM and a 50mm 1:1,6f lens. We developed the films (mostly ILFORD delta 400 black and white – hammer horn) ourselves and made prints in the darkroom, sweating to see if what we saw in the viewfinder would appear on the photo paper. We also had an amazing photo studio and great teachers who taught me how to think compositionally through the viewfinder.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Nikon FM (which was used to hammer nails) anymore, but I have a solid Canon 5D MKII with great fixed focal lengths. The darkroom had to make way for the computer and I am now setting up the studio where I would like it to be.

For some time now I have been uploading photos for exchange on the Pixiset platform, which I would like to use to show many more photos of myself. The plan is to fill the whole thing bit by bit with different categories and to present them. I would be very happy about a visit on and your opinion.

Apart from my collection at Pixiset, I also like to photograph for design jobs, such as for the Plan-E Physioteam or the Wushu Academy in Tübingen or the REHA center in Böblingen and many more.