No write access granted !

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Apple and Adobe are just scratching at my rather high tolerance limit. If you want to open a Photoshop document in a network (shared folder, server or external hard disk) and save it after editing it via “Apple + s”, you get the message: “Could not save <file> because no write access was granted” although all rights are shared.
During this message, the file to be saved disappears from the respective data medium/network, never to be seen again. Afterwards you can save the file with “save as” (as long as you didn’t close it) to the respective location, but since I put a lot of money on the table for both companies and want to work with it cleanly, I consider such an irretrievable disappearance of a file, with the argument that you shouldn’t work on an external medium, as a strong fiddling.

At least there is a solution:
– In the Finder, under “Display Options”, uncheck “Show Symbol Preview” and “Show Preview”.
– In Photoshop under Preferences – File Handling, set the image preview to “Never”.
Apparently Photoshop and the OSX Finder get in each other’s way when creating thumbnails.